LaCroix and Cockroach Insecticide

I’ve seen this flying around and wanted to give my two cents.

The sparkling water known as LaCroix does not contain cockroach insecticide, even if it does taste like it does ūü§£. I have always described the flavor of LaCroix as drinking the memory of someone else’s memory of flavor.

Let’s look at the details of these items.

Limonene. This is oil extracted from limon peel. It’s literally essence of limon peel. Yes, it is in cleaners, but no, LaCroix didn’t have household cleaner in it. Limon and oranges are really got at cleaning surfaces and limonene is part of that.

Linalool. This is found in mint, peppermint, cinnamon, and various flowers. It creates a flavor that has hints of lavender and a bit citrusy. This chemical is naturally produced to keep insects off of it. This is why it works as an insecticide. No, LaCroix doesn’t have insecticide in it.

This is the point of the dihydrogen monoxide joke that goes around. When you use the chemical name of something and cherry pick the information, anything can sound terrible.

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