Private VMU Uploaded

HRB2K, Thanks a billion!!

He got me a script off the net, so I looked thru it and found the code to
make encrypted passwords needed for .htpasswd files.

After taking about 30 minutes to develop a new script for the site, it’s
finally working… to my excitment, it adds your username and encrypted
password to the .htpasswd file and creates the neccessary directories to
make the uploader work under the login.

You can find the Sign Up link and the Log In link under “VMU Uploader
Private” on my site navigation.

Again, HRB2K — THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


what is the reason for having a javascript to detect what the persons browser is before they can upload a vmu file? why have it at all? could anything bad happen with out it?


the javascript enter a different <form> tag depening on the browser.

Planetweb is most like a PC in this aspect, uploading a filerequires an encryption type listed in the form tag(always multipart/form-data if my memory serves mecorrectly), whereas DreamKey and Dream Passport donot use the standards set and do not send boundrieswith the upload, thus you can not have the enc-typelisted…

so basicly, if you want the uploader to be compatablewith all of the browsers, you need it… I will get tomaking just a standard HTML page for both browsersif it isn’t neccessary to have that kind of usability.

Oh, and once I’m sure that it’s fool-proof, I’m releasingthe version of the uploader that’s at my website,including all of the directory support, search abilites,and multimedia previewing


I finally got a beta – not 100% complete – version of the
VMU PDU up (I can’t believe that name stuck… when I
first thought of it, I thought it was as ugly as sin)

let me know how it works if anyone tries it.

There is still no fix for the MIME64 errors, so
if you where getting those before, this will not

the upload.html page uses JavaScript to detect
what web browser the visitor is using and provides
the appropriate form for that browser ๐Ÿ™‚

Star Wars Racer Browser (PW 1.231)

Surfing with the Planetweb Browser in Star Wars Episode One Racer

On main menu go to internet.
(The “Internet” option seems to be tied
into something, though I can’t remember…
If you can’t click it, just play with
settings and options… I believe you
have to be playing with a VMU pluged
in with available space)

Connect to the internet once the browser loads

When you are at the SWE1R site. Hit start
and go to options.

Click save (you don’t have to change any

once it’s done saving the settings, it
will begin to load the previous web
page you where on… and a URL bar
is present at the top of the page.

Quickly press STOP before the page loads…

You now have a URL bar that you can surf with…
however, once you go somewhere, it will disappear…
so you’ll either have to do this, or
make a web page on the internet with
javascript to redirect you elsewhere.

PSO Snapshot Photo Album

If you have an images from games you have played, and want to share
them with the visitors of Dreamserv, here is your chance. February
2nd saw the release of the Dreamserv PSO Snapshot photo album. Take
your PSO images and save them to your VMU thru DreamKey or DreamPassport
and upload them to the site.

PSO Snapshot Photo Album Home

* * * Phantasy Star Online has stolen my life! * * *

the uploaders 500 error

Yeah, this is a killer. It appears that this 500 error
is caused by one ugly problem. Out of memory. If this
is the case, I need to “cut the fat” off of my script
so it runs faster, smoother, and takes up less memory.
Back in the day, I was able to load very large files
with the uploader… but because of all the features
I have installed on the VMU Uploader, it kills the
servers system resources.

Hope hypermart doesn’t give me the boot cause of it! ๐Ÿ™

PSO Snapshot file breakdown…. I wish

I’m looking thru the raw material of these PSO Snapshots and I can already
tell that this isn’t a regular format. There are no image headers in here at
all so it isn’t as easy as I had hoped it to be…

If you look at the raw file, images begin with these headers:

JPEG: รฟร˜รฟร  JFIF
GIF (type 1) :GIF87a
GIF (type 2): GIF89a
Windows Bitmap: BM

I’m still working on it – I shall never give up (well… not anytime soon!)

Slight change in VMU Uploader

When uploading game saves, there is a new part that must be filled out if adding a new game/catagory. When uploading a new game or catagory, there is a selection for US/Can, Europe, or Japan. It is important to select these so it can tell the difference. Since there has been some international saves, it is important to seperate them by their country. In the game directory itself, you will see a flag for the country it’s for, in other places, you’ll see (UK) or (JP), US/Can game and catagories will have no suffix. I’m now working on getting it to tell the DCBG catagories so it doesn’t display a flag.